Recap Health – the future of patient education

Recap Health enables clinical teams to send approved patient information direct to their patients. Patients become more knowledgeable and better able to safely self care. Clinical teams can see what videos, leaflets and website pages their patients look at and find most useful. NHS Trusts and Integrated Care Systems can manage patient information more efficiently and use Recap Health to reduce appointment, admission and re-admission rates.

Recap Health turns patient information into a useful clinical tool.

Recap Health can be used by clinical teams, NHS Trusts, PCNs and Integrated Care Systems. It is cloud-hosted, secure and GDPR compliant.

Giving educational material to patients is seen as a good thing to do. But …

Do patients actually look at the information you give them? How many times? Over what time period?

What videos, leaflets and website pages do patients find most useful and why?

How do other clinical teams know what information has already been given to a patient and who gave it?

Can your organisation audit the information trail? What was sent, by whom, when?

How efficient is your Trust at organising and re-authorising patient material?

Are you damaging your professional reputation by how you provide information to patients?

What information makes the most difference to improving patient outcomes and reducing appointment and admission rates?

Recap health patient homepage

… the solution is RECAP Health


Recap Health has given us the opportunity to re-design services and provide education and advice to our patients in a modern, engaging and accessible format. Our clinicians and our patients give us great feedback on how easy it is to use.

Andrew Haw - Head of Health Informatics, Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

Despite numerous policy statements hailing the importance of information, the evidence shows that patients still do not feel properly informed. PIF is excited about the opportunities Recap Health can deliver, enabling healthcare staff to share relevant digital content directly with their patients.

Sue Farrington - Chair of the Patient Information Forum (PIF)

High Quality Patient Material

NHS Trusts and clinical teams can add and manage their content using Recap Health’s bespoke content management module, designed with an NHS Trust.  In addition, our partnership with The Patient Information Forum means that NHS organisations can access high quality accredited content from a range of respected information providers if needed.

What patients and clinicians say

“I just think it’s a brilliant platform. Patients can access information whenever they want. 24 hours a day.”


“All the information I needed was added and I can just look it up without seeing anyone. It’s there when I need it.”


“People with long term conditions need information to build their confidence so they can self manage. Knowledge is power.”


“It’s helping me to understand my diabetes and, hopefully, to control it. The dietary hints and the personal planner are really useful. All the leaflets I was given all help as well.”


“Patients like it and find it easy to access. It opens up a wealth of information for them that they can access at their leisure.”


“It’s a very professional way of giving information. With Recap patients get up to date information automatically. ”


“Fills in the gaps I didn't know and reminds me of things I did know to reinforce my knowledge. ”


“Giving a vulnerable client a leaflet always makes me feel a little uneasy. Giving information via a password protects people more.”


“There's information readily available on subjects that are relevant to me and my daughter.”


“My team love how we can check on what information patients have been given on discharge and how many times they’ve looked at it. It makes community team follow ups much more useful.


“It's good to have a 'one stop shop' where I can access up to date information and advice.”