Recap Health delivers big savings in Heart Failure

By January 29, 2020Uncategorized

Interim evaluation findings from research undertaken by Staffordshire University show that Recap Health, when used in conjunction with Florence, could save the University Hospitals of North Midlands approximately £450,000 per year when used with heart failure patients alone.

This is because heart failure patients using Recap Health and Florence together were 40% less likely to be readmitted within 30 days than a non project group of patients.

The findings are part of an 18 month innovation initiative, funded by NHS England, in conjunction with Innovate UK. The next set of interim findings are due in April 2020, with the final, more thorough evaluation results due in October 2020.

Still early days of course, but these interim results show great promise and have really energised all partners. If you’d like to know more please get in touch –