Our story

We started life in 2009, committed to helping NHS organisations use digital technologies to improve life for patients, their informal carers and front-line clinicians.

We spent our first six years using our Fast Focused Innovation process (FFI) to create over 20 patient facing prototype web applications.

Eventually we realised that having good ideas and getting them to first base is just the starting point and probably the easy bit. So for the last 3 years we’ve been focusing on further developing one of those early products, Recap Health and helping NHS organisations to implement it effectively.

Meet the team

At the heart of Health2Works is an experienced, knowledgeable team with a multi-disciplined digital technology skill set and a fundamental understanding of the NHS, it’s values and challenges. A combination of creative specialists, driven and intuitive directors and credible non executives with a proven track record of creating coherent always on web and mobile applications fit for NHS patients and their families living in 2019.

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Steve Pashley

Managing Director – Business
  • Co-founder of Health2Works
  • 30 years experience in working for and consulting to the NHS
  • Curious, resilient and committed to helping the NHS thrive
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Roger Marlow

Managing Director – Technology
  • Co-founder of Health2Works
  • 25 years of proven IT delivery from web development to IT consultancy
  • Committed to showing how web technologies can serve patients and service users
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Paul Hanks

Senior Technical Analyst
  • Instrumental in shaping Health2Works development since its formation
  • Focused on delivering effective solutions on time and on budget
  • Strong background in R&D IT

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Simon Robbins

Non-Executive Chairman
  • Over 20 years as an NHS Chief Executive of Health Authorities, Strategic Health Authorities, PCTs and NHS Clusters
  • Successfully implemented large scale strategic change in health and social care systems
  • Provides grounded and practical perspective on public sector needs and challenges