Rally Round someone you care about

Given the global situation presented to us by COVID-19, we’ve made Rally Round free to use worldwide.

Do you know someone who is self isolating? Perhaps they are elderly, vulnerable or considered ‘at risk’ during the current Coronavirus pandemic?
Rally Round can help families, friends, neighbours and communities co-ordinate practical support for people in need.
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What is Rally Round?

Rally Round is a secure and easy to use online tool that family, friends and communities can use to organise support people they care about.

  • Easy to read job cards helps everyone know what needs doing and who’s doing what
  • Jobs are organised into lists automatically – to do, in progress and done
  • Text and email notifications keep everyone “in the loop”
  • Chat and Comments improve communication
  • Anyone can start a network, for themselves, to help a loved one or to coordinate support across a neighbourhood or street
  • There’s no charge to use Rally Round. It’s free.
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Third Sector Managed Networks

Finding effective ways to support older, frail, or vulnerable people in a cost effective way is one of the most demanding challenges facing most societies. Rally Round can help.

Our Managed Networks module enables organisations to easily start, manage and monitor the ‘state of play’ across hundreds of support networks in one place. Please get in touch to find out more.

What Users Say

“The service has enabled me to ask for help in what I feel is a more dignified way without feeling embarrassed about asking.”

“It's been a great help up to now and will prove even more useful as my Dad's Alzheimer's deteriorates.”

“It has made a huge difference for us – It has really helped us when dealing with a very difficult stressful situation.”

“Over Christmas and New Year I posted ‘anyone able to visit us...’ and we had different offers for Christmas Eve and New Years too!!”