What is Recap Health?

Recap Health is a new patient information and guided self care application developed in close partnership with Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust.

By using Recap Health, patients become better informed and better able to manage their own health effectively. Trusts achieve significant quality and efficiency gains.

Recap Health can be licenced to individual NHS Trusts  or multiple organisations operating collaboratively  e.g. clinical networks and primary/secondary collaborations.

Recap Health is secure and GDPR compliant. It’s cloud-hosted and can be used by patients on mobiles, tablets, laptops and PCs.

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How does it work?

Step 1.    Clinicians find patient information (leaflets, videos, website pages, apps) and send to individual patients.

Step 2.    Patients login to their personal webpage and view their information.

Step 3.    Data dashboards show information sent, read rates, patient activation levels by clinician and team.

For patients

  • Email notifications for new content waiting
  • Share content with family, friends and carers
  • Provide feedback and ratings on content received
  • Respond to in-app engagement messages

For clinicians

  • Send information in pre-defined ‘bundles’
  • Store favourite content for easy retrieval
  • View patient and clinician reviews and ratings of content
  • Team based access to patients and performance data

For organisations

  • Engage with patients and clinicians via in-app messages and emails
  • Nudge people to view unread information
  • Present surveys to measure impact of content
  • Open up two-way communication with ‘at risk’ patients
  • Export data for KPI analysis


More information

Recap Health summary
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Why Recap Health matters

The benefits of using Recap Health are supported by reputable research, including:

PIF, Making The Case For Information Report

“The evidence shows that providing high quality health information is beneficial. It has a positive impact on service utilisation and health costs, patients’ experience of healthcare and patients’ health behaviour and status.”

View the full report here

What clinicians say

“I just think it’s a brilliant platform. Patients can access information whenever they want. 24 hours a day.”

“People with long term conditions need information to build their confidence so they can self manage. Knowledge is power.”

“Patients like it and find it easy to access. It opens up a wealth of information for them that they can access at their leisure.”

“It’s a very professional way of giving information. With Recap patients get up to date information automatically. ”

“Giving a vulnerable client a leaflet always makes me feel a little uneasy. Giving information via a password protects people more.”

Buy Recap Health on the Digital Marketplace

Recap Health can now be bought hassle free as software as a service on the Crown Commercial Services’ public sector procurement platform. The recent G-Cloud 9 framework is fully EU compliant.

Buy a Recap Health licence by visiting the Digital Marketplace.

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