Rally Round someone you care about

for Local Authorities, CCGs, NHS Trusts and Housing Associations

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What is Rally Round?

Rally Round is a secure and easy to use online tool that allows family members, friends and carers to organise support for someone they care about.

  • Easy to read support cards help people know what needs doing and who’s doing what
  • Text and email notifications keeps everyone “in the loop”
  • Chat and commenting improves network communication
  • Data dashboards provide insights into network performance and social capital resilience
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Defer Demand. Improve Lives.

Finding effective ways to support older, frail, or vulnerable people in a cost effective way is one of the most demanding challenges facing public services today. Rally Round can help.

By using Rally Round, Local Authorities and third sector organisations can strengthen their prevention strategies and NHS Trusts can speed up discharges and lower readmission rates.

What Users Say

“The service has enabled me to ask for help in what I feel is a more dignified way without feeling embarrassed about asking.”

“It's been a great help up to now and will prove even more useful as my Dad's Alzheimer's deteriorates.”

“It has made a huge difference for us – It has really helped us when dealing with a very difficult stressful situation.”

“Over Christmas and New Year I posted ‘anyone able to visit us...’ and we had different offers for Christmas Eve and New Years too!!”

Rally Round API

  • Connect you website or application to Rally Round
  • Power your health and social care applications with Rally Round data
  • Automate creation and management of Rally Round networks
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Buy Rally Round on Digital Marketplace

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Rally Round can now be bought hassle free as software as a service on the Crown Commercial Services’ public sector procurement platform. The recent G-Cloud 10 framework is fully EU compliant.

Buy a Rally Round licence by visiting the Digital Marketplace.