Digital Marketplace

The Crown Commercial Service (CCS) works across the whole of the UK public sector to ensure maximum value is extracted from every commercial relationship. The CCS goal is to become the “go-to” place for expert commercial and procurement services. G-Cloud is a CCS initiative that enables public sector organisations to buy cloud-based information technology services with confidence and ease, products that comply are listed on the Government’s Digital Marketplace.

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Procurement bought from the Digital Marketplace does not require a full tender or mini-competition.

Recap Health and Rally Round are both available to buy with the latest G-Cloud 10 framework agreement. In addition Health2Works is listed as a software development agency on the related Digital Outcomes and Specialists framework.

Buy with confidence

Recap Health is available to buy on the Digital Marketplace 

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Rally Round is available to buy on the Digital Marketplace 

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Software development services are available to buy on the Digital Marketplace 

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